Easiest Weightloss

simple and easy cost free weightloss


fast fat loss

 The first thing to think about when trying to lose weight is  WHERE DOES IT GO TO ?

It does not just evaporate,  and disappear into the air

sweating it out will only lose a few grams.

Fat does not just "fall off" in globs as we walk along

And it does not melt and go down the plug hole when we are in the shower

Whatever goes into your body can only really come out one way . . .

so . . . . we either have to disolve the fats so its taken back into the digestive system, to dispose of it, or burn it off, using huge amounts of effort and time, and then the weight comes back as soon as we stop all that extra effort, time and energy

Starving and missing meals only makes you put MORE weight back on long term, because your body tries to store and holds onto the bad stuff instead of the good stuff , and  you also suffer nutrient deficiencies while you are starving yourself


For the fastest NATURAL  and HEALTHY  fastloss possible,  simply add the things on page 23, page 26 and page 40 of my book.

One of the very best fat disolvers in the world is on page 44,  eating just 1 or 2 a day of these yummy things can actually make you lose up to a kilo or more a week, and the cost of this food . . . . . almost  nothing !  just a few cents a day, because you can make it yourself for just a few dollars [under$5] and it will last you  for months.


To speed up your metabolism, just add the foods on page 25 and page 40


AND . . . . to get rid of cellulite easily and give yourself beautiful soft silky smooth skin,  do this easy thing every day,  takes 3 mins, and it costs   NOTHING !

Do you want to do a very cheap simple detox to clean you out properly ?

this detox on page 28 is the cheapest, healthiest and best detox EVER

you will lose 3 kg or more in 3 days . . . . .

please note . . . the detox is NOT starving . . . its not a juice diet. . . . you dont need to harm your body or stress it in any way,  and  . . . its just so very easy and effective

It also comes with the highest of recommendations from doctors and naturopaths, who all says the best, safest ever detox that is actually the most effective and sensible they have ever seen [and tried !]



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