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Cancer cure / prevention

Posted by Lisa Quain on May 22, 2011 at 12:32 AM

Cancer Prevention

Put simply . . . the triggers for cancer to develop is nutrient deficiencies, too much toxins, too much sugar, too much processed foods, the body being in an acid condition, being dehydrated not drinking enough good quality water, and a lack of oxygen.

Being dehydrated, acidic and adding sugar is what creates the most ideal conditions in the body for cancer to flourish and grow in.

Putting it more bluntly, cancer cannot grow in an alkaline, hydrated body full of vitamins and minerals and no deficiencies at all.

If your body is in an acid condition, it cannot absorb and use most of the nutrients you put into your body, it doesn’t matter how many vitamin pills you take, your body just can’t absorb, process and use them.

One of the simplest ways to alkaline your body flush toxins from the body, is to drink lots of good quality alkaline water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in it as that makes it more alkaline as well as being a good cleanser. Having half a lemon in the morning also alkalizes the body.

Because the body is made up of 78% water, we need to have the best quality alkaline water possible for optimal health.

Apple cider vinegar also turns alkaline inside the body while it helps to break down fats and nutrients so the body can absorb and use nutrients better, while dissolving the excess fat you don’t need, so it can be disposed as waste instead of being extra bulk to store.

So . . . if you get the body detoxified, alkaline it, and include the right foods with the most vital nutrients you need, and try to avoid as much processed food and sugars as you can, you can most certainly become far healthier and prevent cancer, illnesses and diseases.

The main nutrient deficiencies that cause cancer are iodine, A, B12, B17, C, E and K.

B17 comes from apricot kernel seeds, [now called bitter almond] sesame seeds and many other seeds and it helps to eliminate cancer.

Doing a detox is the best thing you can do for your body, but only if you do it right, and starving or having juice only for days is not the right way.

The simplest is a colon cleanse by eating lots of melon only in the mornings for 3 days.

To get rid of Candida, [a very common fungal growth in the gut] eat only fruit and vegetables for 3 or 4 days, [no meat or processed foods] as Candida causes you to have nutrient deficiencies and stops the liver from working properly, it thrives in an acid body with high sugar. If you have Candida it causes a vitamin B deficiency because the Candida basically eats the vitamin B, and taking vitamin B pills only feeds the Candida more, while preventing your liver from absorbing the vitamin B, and a vitamin B deficiency causes a calcium deficiency. This is why it is so important to cure the Candida if you have it, which most people in modern society do have it.

Almost everyone is deficient in iodine because of chemicals on all our imported food called methyl bromide, that forces iodine from the body. In our bread is bromine for making a good crust, and bromine in our water long with fluoride, that both also force iodine from the body.

Once you are deficient in iodine, your thyroid gland will not function properly, and they thyroid controls your hormones and metabolism along with many other vital bodily functions.

For anyone that already has cancer, you can make a tea from paw paw leaves, and drink some 3 times a day.

Include far more vitamin C, in natural food form.

Have as much just picked, fresh food as possible. Include broccoli sprouts, lots of dark green leafy foods, and try to always choose strong colored fruits and vegetables.

Include omega 3 from flaxseed oil, omega 6 from sesame oil [which also has calcium in it] and omega 9 from sunflower or safflower oil.

To help to oxygenate, add small splash of hydrogen peroxide to bath water, and add 4 or 5 drops to a large glass of water.

Do not eat any fresh produce from overseas, and try to avoid anything at all that is processed or imported.

Avoid all artificial sweeteners and high sugar drinks, coke is especially a no no.

Products that are especially helpful are coenzyme Q10


Iodine drops

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