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Plants and people

Posted by Lisa Quain on April 7, 2011 at 6:11 AM

Plants and people

Here is something that will really surprise most people . . . plants and humans are more alike than most people realize, we both require all the same things . . . food [nutrients] water, air and the correct PH. Most people know that if the PH in the soil is too acid or too alkaline then the plants won’t grow properly, they get sick and die because even if you fertilize them, they can’t use it if the PH is wrong.

It’s exactly the same in humans and most people are acid, which means we can’t use the nutrients and it creates the ideal condition in the body for illnesses and cancer to develop grow and flourish. By keeping the body hydrated properly with good quality alkaline water, you can help to cure or prevent almost all illnesses.

Amazing how something so extremely simple can be so powerful.


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