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Easiest weight loss ever.

No diets, no products, no

costs, no hard work and

no effort

Silly diets and exercise are only temporary, and are only a small part of weight loss.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off forever, you need to still have your occasional usual drinks and junk foods, DON'T give them up completely just to lose weight, because you will go back to them after and put it back on, so . . . . you just simply re-balance or counteract it with the right simple common everyday  foods, and gradually you will naturally choose to have less of the things that make you put on the most weight.

I do NOT sell or promote any products at all

there are no hidden costs,  I'm up front


Ebook is only    $10



I will also include for FREE a ebook of FREE HEALTH CURES  a vital book full of simple effective cures that cost little or nothing

And  . . .I will also include Cancer Prevention, full of the simplest and best health secrets ever. 



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There are a few aspects to weight loss that none of the weight loss industry tell you about, such as the effects of a colon cleanse and detox to get rid of tummy fat quickly, or about how  the PH levels in the body needing to be right so you can absorb nutrients, or how some foods dissolve fat not muscle, and other foods speed your metabolism up, and no one will tell you many of the other cost free secrets in my book,  like how to get rid of cellulite for free,  and what to use as the cheapest,  best, most natural moisturizer that will give you beautiful glowing skin all over, and it costs almost nothing !


The multi billion dollar weight loss industry don't want to to know these secrets because they wont be able to sell you all sorts of products, pills, shakes, foods, memberships and most of all . . .they want your constant repeat business !

If they keep you fat . . .or you put all your weight back on after dieting . . . you will keep spending money, so they keep making money.

This is an Aussie book written for Aussies, there is not one hard to find foods you have never heard of. 

 In fact every food spoken of in this book are readily available world wide, they are all common well known foods, but not used to their best advantage.

There are little known secrets about some of these foods that once you know,  you will naturally choose these cheaper items over more expensive things that are not good for you and produce weight gain instead of weight loss and better more vibrant health. 


I can't stress enough the importance or

the significance of the absolute  

simplicity of these easy to follow

methods to permanent weight loss /  



Anything hard, or takes a lot of time, costly, difficult or full of restrictions, puts you off, and you wont keep it up, that's why what I have learned over a lifetime and everything I tell you about in my little book, actually works !




I will also try to assist with any other health

problems you may have.

I know that if this book was given to all high school

students, it would have a profound effect

on reducing obesity, as well as anorexia and


You will shocked at just how easy it is to lose the weight and keep it off with some of the simple little secrets that re-balance your body, while making you healthier and more energetic.


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Its very important that you read  "Cancer Prevention"  click on that link at top right of this page,   when you have read that you will know that I can cure your health or weight problems far simpler and easier than you ever imagined.

Also,  breast cancer prevention   is well worth a read too,   not just women,  but men also should read this !

I have done something no other weight loss book has done,  I have explained how to gain weight !

Why ?  you ask . . . . .

So you will know exactly how to not gain more weight !

And . . . you will see exactly how and why you became over weight.

Simply and easily,  the penny will drop . . . and you will never have a weight problem ever again.

In my quick simple easy to read little book . . . . . .

You will find out which foods actually make you lose weight

You will learn how to speed up your metabolism,  naturally !

You will learn what to add to reduce cholesterol, and melt the fat off,   without lots of exercise





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On page 7

 understand how and  why you became over weight

On page  14  

 learn how your body has reacted to  nutrient deficiencies

On page 17

find out how powerful the mind is with weightloss

On page  23

find out the powerful fat dissolver that reduces cholesterol, and costs next to nothing !

On page  25 

see how simple it is to speed up metabolism by adding these common foods.

On page   28 

be amazed at the best, easiest and cheapest detox ever, and lose 3kg in 3 days.

On page   35 

understand and  get rid of cellulite easier then you ever imagined.

On page   40 

 you will find out the SECRET  but common foods that MAKE you lose weight that   the  weight loss industry DON'T want you to know about.

On page 63 

you will get excited about how to prevent cancer, simply and easily with these super foods on page 72  that will give you a longer healthier life, as well as slowing down the aging process



 just ADDS the things you

need to balance it out.


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Copy of book appraisal by   Bookpal Publishers

AUTHOR: Lisa Quain, No Diet Weight Loss


This is a very topical subject with the dozens of fad diets that have flooded the market in recent times. It will appeal to a broad audience because many people have tried one or more of these diets and failed. You give the reader permission to take back control of their life. Readers will breathe a sigh of relief when they read Trying to lose weight should not control your life. This goes against what most other diets require and people will be relieved they no longer have to endure the vicious cycle of starving and bingeing and ultimately putting on more weight.

Writing style

The writing style is good, but you would improve the flow by using more concise sentences. You use easy to understand language and give the reader hope by telling them early on that you will not ask them to diet or count calories.

Spelling and grammar

The spelling and grammar is good, however commas have been overused in some instances for example you usually don’t need a comma before the word and. Loosing on page 21 should be losing. Over weight should be one word. These are minor issues which could be addressed in a simple edit, which we could provide.

Target audience

I believe this book will appeal to a broad audience because you offer hope throughout that the reader no longer has to deprive themselves in order to lose weight. This will make many people rejoice and wonder why they have been trying diets that they can’t sustain when the answer is so simple. People will love the fact that instead of removing things from their diet, they are actually adding to it. You touch on your mother’s experience, but it would be great to have a testimonial from someone who has successfully used the “diet”. People who have tried every diet under the sun gain inspiration from people who have been successful in their weight loss efforts. It would be great to hear from someone who has tried many different diets and failed, only to try your diet and be successful. Benefits of self publishing

While this book has a lot of potential, it has become increasingly difficult to get book publishers to read your work, let alone publish it. The process of sending off your manuscript to publishers and waiting for a response can be frustrating and the rejections can often be heartbreaking. However, just because a publisher does not choose to print your book, it doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience for it. That’s where self publishing is a great option. One of the greatest benefits of self publishing is total control over your manuscript. You have the final say in all of the processes relating to your book. It can also be cost effective because you can choose if you want a lot of copies of your book published or only a small amount. If you choose to self publish your book you can see it in print in a short period of time and get your name out there. This can also help you get noticed by other publishers for future books 




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Margaret Stuart's Mango Tiger Radio Show Presents


Lisa Quain

The Secrets of Having a Great Body Without Diet or Exercise

Introducing Lisa Quain, who has one of the most sensible attitudes to health and diet

that I have seen in a long, long time.

Lisa is an advocate of the no -diet diet.

This means no special foods, no weighing, measuring, starving, and no avoiding.

By adding some fat burning foods (such as curries and paprika) to your normal diet

you will naturally and easily burn off the fat.

Sounds too easy?

Lisa will prove that it is easy and that you too can lose the unwanted fat

without diet and without exercise!!


We invite you to listen to this amazing Interview



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To purchase Margaret Stuart's "Free to be Healthy - how to release the thoughts, beliefs and emotions held in your subconscious mind to heal your mind, your body and your soul." Click on this link now!

To purchase Lisa Quain's "The No Diet Weight Loss -Easiest weight loss ever. No diets, no products, no costs, no hard work and no effort.", Click on this link now!

Purchase the Books

To purchase Margaret Stuart's "Free to be Healthy - how to release the thoughts, beliefs and emotions held in your subconscious mind to heal your mind, your body and your soul." Click on this link now!

To purchase Lisa Quain's "The No Diet Weight Loss - Easiest weight loss ever. No diets, no products, no costs, no hard work and no effort.", Click on this link now!